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Formulation, development and evaluation of human and veterinary dosage forms.


Main target is preparation of dosage forms with poorly soluble and hardly absorbable APIs; and
formulation of dosage forms with controlled release.


Innovation and optimization of technological processes: mixing, granulation, pelletization, micro-
particles preparation, compressing and coating of dosage units.


Solid dosage forms:
Powders and blends: grinding, micronizing, mixing.
Granulates: dry, wet, fluid bed and thermoplastic granulation.
Tablets: immediate released (uncoated and coated) and controlled released (matrix and coated)
Hard capsules: filling and coating.
Pellets: extrusion/spheronization, rotary agglomeration with layering.
Microparticles: gelation and evaporation techniques
Mucoadhesives: tablets, multilayer films/patches.
Liquisolid systems: SEDDS, SMEDDS.


Liquids and semisolids:
Solutions, emulsions, suspensions, ointments, creams, gels, pastes


Scale-up and technology transfers.


Process validation and IQ, OQ, PQ consultation.


Stability studies (performance and evaluation).


Preclinical and clinical evaluation (consultation and partnership).


Faraday pail: powders charge measurement.


Laser diffraction: particle size analysis.


Thermal analysis: DSC (evaluation of polymorphism).


HPLC: API determination in solid, semisolid, liquid dosage form and evaluation of extracts and food
supplements. Experience with measurement of saccharides and polysaccharides (size-exclusion


Evaluation of natural products – measurement of oxidation activity (DPPH, TEAC, peroxynitrite
scavenging activity), determination of total phenolic, flavon a flavanon compounds.


Process optimalization – Design Experiment and Multivariate Analysis.


Statistic evaluation (experimental – clinical and technological dates) with statistical evaluation: PCA,
PLS, L-PLS, LDA etc. )


Registration documentation - cooperation (EU, USA).


Technological documentation – preparing and cooperation (BR, TR, SOP).


Patents, utility models - preparation.


Preparation of samples for clinical evaluation (experience - EU, USA, Canada, India).