Department of Human Pharmacology and Toxicology Research Group

Assoc. Prof. MVDr. Pavel SUCHÝ, Ph.D.
e-mail: suchypa(at)

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  • Impact of humic acids on tissue distribution of selected metals;
  • Occurrence of phthalic acid esters in food chain;
  • Testing antidiabetic effect of new isolated substances;
  • The testing of new cytostatic substances;
  • Verifying new pharmaceutical products on polysaccharide basis.


PharmDr. Peter KOLLÁR, Ph.D.

e-mail: kollarp(at)

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  • Characterization and evaluation of cytotoxicity and effect of newly synthesized and new natural compounds (focus on cell cycle, cytodifferentiation, inflammation, and apoptosis)
  • Evaluation of new pharmaceutical products based on polysaccharides