Education and academic qualifications

  • 2009: BSc. degree of pharmacy from the Jordan University of Science and Technology (J.U.S.T)

Professional experience

  • 2010 to present: Ph.D. researcher and lecturer at the Department of Natural Drugs, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • 2008: From 1st March till 30th November, assistant and trainee at a community pharmacy, Jordan

Teaching activities

  • Phytochemistry, Pharmacognosy I and II, Free Radicals and Antioxidants

Research activities

  • Biological activities of secondary metabolites from Achillea species (antidiabetic, anticancer, and antihyperlipidemic)
  • Isolation and identification of natural products

Professional stays abroad

  • 2011: from 31st October till 30th November, Biology Department and Chemistry Department, AUB Lebanon.

Other academic activities, research projects, grants

  • IGA grant (89/2012/FaF) Antiurease activity of plant compounds from Achillea species
  • Biocom 12 Semiochemicals Involving Plants conference 2012, Cadiz, Spain. Poster title: The Isolation and Identification of Secondary Metabolites From Achillea wilhelmsii C. Koch ( Bruker P_4)
  • SAAL conference 2010, Modra, Slovakia. Poster title: Analysis of Achillea wlhelmsii extracts
  • SAAL conference 2011, Brno, Czech Republic. Poster title: The Antidiabetic activity of Achillea wilhelmsii C. Koch
  • Medicinal, Aromatic and Spice Plants conference 2011, Nitra, Slovakia. Poster and article title: Analysis of Achillea wilhelmsii C. Koch extracts