Exchange Programmes


Erasmus Programme, study stay

You can go to a foreign university which we have contract with. Please see the updated list here.


The minimal length of stay is three months, the maximal is defined by the particular contract.


If you choose to study in the language of the university, we will recognize your credits for the courses, equivalent to the courses in our curriculum (the list is subject to approval before departure).
If you decide to work on your diploma thesis or another academic work during your stay, usually you don't need to speak the chosen country language, English is sufficient.


If, after completing your stay, you won't have enough credit points to proceed to next year of your Master Study Programme, you can ask the Dean for an exception and you will not be expelled due to not meeting the criteria for proceeding to next year, you will just prolong the study by one year.


Erasmus Programme, work placement / traineeship


It is also possible to undergo practical training / internship in a foreign company, pharmacy, university or somewhere else.


Contrary to the study stay, there is not a bilateral contract, but a contract about the precise contents of the internship between our University, you, and the third party.


The internship takes three to twelve months, the scholarship is higher than for study stay and even the students, who already underwent the Erasmus study stay can participate.


The main difference between the study stay and the work placement / traineeship is the job description: the student is studying, whereas the trainee works, as if he/she had had a full time job at the institution.


You have to search for the receiving institution yourself, although it is necessary to pre-negotiate the exact contents of the stay both with the University and the company.


Erasmus work placement is ideal for you, if you would like to undergo a part of the compulsory 6 month internship abroad. Apart from the said rules it also applies that:


  • If you want the internship recognized as a part of the course Internship – 26 weeks, it is necessary to have the Pharmacy approved by Dr. Mazánková from the Dept. of Social Pharmacy.
  • The traineeship can be implemented in the given academic year – but the Erasmus academic year starts in June. This is useful if you would like to undergo the internship over the holidays in such way that it doesn't complicate your studies.


With any questions, please contact the Faculty Erasmus coordinator

Mgr. Adéla Firlová (, +420 54156 2804).


Last update: 24th May 2018