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Faculty of Pharmacy offers a five year Master Study Programme in Pharmacy

Starting from the academic year 2009/10, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers a five year Master Study Programme in Pharmacy, compliant with the Directive of the European Union 2005/36/EC. The study is based on a credit system and offers a wide range of optional courses structured to facilitate the student's desired career in areas such as

  • substance synthesis and analysis
  • analytic evaluation
  • biological effect assessment
  • molecular biology
  • basic pharmacological and clinical research
  • pharmaceutics economy and management in Pharmacy
  • practical pharmacy

The entrance examinations consist of written test from biology (including botany) and chemistry with a correct answer to each of 40 questions from each of the two subjects awarded by one point. The maximum possible score is therefore 80 points. They will take place at the Faculty of Pharmacy or in other place according to the county of the applicant. The tuition fee for the academic year 2017/18 has been set to 6 700 Euro. Students can apply both individually or through contracted agencies in their countries. More information on how to apply, legal details, curriculum of the programme and other issues can be found in respective sections of this website. With any queries please contact the Study Office.



The Curriculum of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Brno with its great range of optional courses offers students enermous flexibilty in profiling their studies according to their interest and desired future carreer.


The course of studies

The course of studies is regulated by the Study and Examination Regulation ensuring fair treatment for all the students. Detailed information can be found in a booklet issued to students and is also to be downloaded here.


Study office

Mgr. Tereza Jůnová, phone +420 602 247 584, e-mail: pharmacystudy(at)


Erasmus coordinator
Mgr. Adéla Firlová, phone +420 721 011 887, e-mail:


Coordinator of the English study programme
PharmDr. Marie VALENTOVÁ, Ph.D., e-mail: valentovam(at)


More information

Applicants for the master study programme
Students of the master study programme




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