PharmDr. Tomáš GONĚC, Ph.D.


Education and academic qualifications

  • 2011: Doctor (Ph.D.)
  • 2009: advanced master degree - Doctor of pharmacy (PharmDr.)
  • 2004: Master of pharmacy (Mgr.)

Professional experience

  • 2011- : senior lecturer
  • 2007-2011: lecturer
  • 2005-2007: part-time lecturer
  • 2004-2005: part-time pharmacist

Teaching activities

  • lectures of medicinal chemistry
  • practices of medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry and organic chemistry
  • seminars of medicinal chemistry
  • diploma thesis supervisor (14)
  • rigorous thesis supervisor (5)

Research activities

  • synthesis and structure characterization of novel compounds with antimicrobial, antimycobacterial and herbicidal activity

Other academic activities, research projects, grants

  • grants IGA VFU: IG355033 and IGA 232/2009

Major publications

  • KRČMÁŘ, Jozef and KOTOLOVÁ, Hana and KARPÍŠEK, Michal and VESELÁ, Lenka and KOLLÁR, Peter and CSÖLLEI, Jozef and GONĚC, Tomáš and BARTOŠOVÁ, Ladislava and SUCHÝ, Pavel. Lipolytic and Hypolipidemic Properties of Newly Synthesized Aryloxypropanolamine Derivatives. Acta Vet. Brno. 2008, 77, 589-594. ISSN 0001-7213, IF2008: 0,395
  • GONĚC, Tomáš and RAČANSKÁ, Eva and CSÖLLEI, Jozef. Synthesis of 2-{3-[4-(4-fluorphenyl)-piperazin-1-yl]-2-hydroxy-propoxy}-phenylcarbamic acid alkyl esters and in vitro evaluation of their β-anti-adrenergic and vasodilatative activities. Čes. Slov. Farm. 2008, 57, 115-118. ISSN 1210-7816
  • GONĚC, Tomáš and BOBÁĽ, Pavel and ŠUJAN, Josef and PEŠKO, Matúš and GUO, Jiahui and KRÁĽOVÁ, Katarína and PAVLACKÁ, Lenka and VESELÝ, Libor and KŘEČKOVÁ, Eva and KOS, Jiří and COFFEY Aidan and KOLLÁR, Peter and IMRAMOVSKÝ, Aleš and PLAČEK, Lukáš and JAMPÍLEK, Josef. Investigating the Spectrum of Biological Activity of Substituted Quinoline-2-Carboxamides and Their Isosteres. Molecules. 2012, 17, 613-644. ISSN 1420-3049, IF2011: 2,386
  • MALÍK, Ivan and BUKOVSKÝ, Marián and GONĚC, Tomáš and CSÖLLEI, Jozef. Contribution to antimicrobial profile investigation of phenylcarbamic acid derivatives containing substituted N-phenylpiperazine fragment. Int. J. Biol. Med. Res. 2012, 3, 2531-2534. ISSN 0976-6685.
  • KOS, Jiří and ZADRAŽILOVÁ, Iveta and PEŠKO, Matúš and KELTOŠOVÁ, Stanislava and TENGLER, Jan and GONĚC, Tomáš and BOBÁĽ, Pavel and ORAVEC, Michal and KOLLÁR, Peter and ČÍŽEK, Alois and KRÁĽOVÁ, Katarína and JAMPÍLEK, Josef. Investigating the Spectrum of Biological Activity of Ring-Substituted 3-Hydroxynaphthalene-2-carboxanilides. Molecules. 2013, 18, in press. ISSN 1420-3049, IF2011: 2,386