Assoc. Prof. MVDr. Pavel SUCHÝ, Ph.D. (Head of Department)


Education and academic qualifications


  • 2008 doc. (Ass. Prof.), University of Veterinary Medicine in Košice, Slovak Republic.
  • 2001 Ph.D., Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology, University of Veterinary and

Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (FVHE VFU Brno), Czech Republic

  • 1995 MVDr., Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno (FVL VFU Brno), Czech Republic


Professional experience


  • Head of Human Pharmacology and Toxicology Department, VFU Brno
  • Senior lecturer, FVHE VFU Brno
  • Scientist, Veterinary research Research Iinstitute Brno Teaching activities
  • Course Guarantor of: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Toxicology; Courses and seminars in: Physiology and Pathophysiology, Toxicology
  • 2005 – 2013: supervision of 15 diploma theses, 2 advanced diploma thesis, 6 Ph.D. students

Research activities


  • Impact of humic acids on tissue distribution of selected metals;
  • Occurrence of phthalic acid esters in food chain;
  • Testing antidiabetic effect of new isolated substances;
  • The testing of new cytostatic substances;
  • Verifying new pharmaceutical products on polysaccharide basis.



Other academic activities, research projects, grants


  • Member of Doctoral studies boards: Pharmacology and Toxicology (FaF VFU Brno), Veterinary Toxicology and Toxicology of Foodstuff (FVHE VFU Brno), Toxicology of Natural Products (FaF UK Hradec Králové).
  • Board of Academic Senate of VFU Brno
  • Memeber of Scientific Board VFU Brno and FaF VFU Brno



  • 2012 -  Pharmaco-toxicological Evaluation of Newly Synthesised (Isolated) Substances as a Tool for Integration of Preclinical Disciplines at the VFU Brno (applicant) – MŠMT ČR: CZ.1.07/2.3.00/30.0053
  • 2011 ­- Modifikované materiály pro léčbu chronických a akutních ran a prevenci chirurgických infekcí ve zdravotnictví. (applicant) – TAČR: TA01010244
  • 2011 ­- Cílený transport léčiva přes biologické membrány (co-worker)– GAČR:  GAP304/11/2246
  • 2006    – Nové farmaceutické produkty na bázi polysacharidů (co-applicant) -  MPO: 2A-1TP1/073


Non-university activities


Czech Medical Association of J. Ev. Purkyně – chairman of Toxicology Division (Czech Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology)


Most significant professional accomplishments


Author or co-author of 24 original papers in accordance with ISI Web of Knowledge Database,, 134 citations, h-index: 8. Average Citations per Item 5,29. More than 50 conference presentations. Total publication activity more then 100.


Major publications


  • ŠLOSÁRKOVÁ, S. - LITERÁK, I. - SKŘIVÁNEK, M. - SVOBODOVÁ, V. - SUCHÝ, P. - HERZIG, I.: Toxoplasmosis and iodine deficiency  in Angora goats. Veterinary Parasitology, 81, 1999, 89-97.  IF: 1,900
  • HERZIG, I. – NAVRATILOVA, M. – SUCHY, P. – VECEREK, V. – TOTUSEK, J.: Model trial investigating retention in selected tissues using broiler chicken fed cadmium and humic acid. Vet. Med. – Czech, 52, 2007, 162-168. IF: 0,624.
  • Bartosova, L. – Novak, F. – Bebarova, M. – Frydrych, M. -   Brunclik, V. – Opatrilova, R. – Kolevska, J. – Mokry, P. – Kollar, P. – Strnadova, V. – Suchy, P.: Antiarrhythmic effect of newly synthesized   compound 44Bu on model of aconitine-induced arrhythmia — Compared to lidocaine. Eur. J. Pharmacol., 575, 2007, 127–133. IF: 2,522.
  • SUCHÝ, P. – STRAKOVÁ, E. – KUMMER, V. – HERZIG, I. – PÍSAŘÍKOVÁ, R. – BLECHOVÁ, R. – MAŠKOVÁ, J.: Hepatoprotective effects of milk thistle (Silybum marianum) seed cakes during the chicken broilers fattening. Acta Veterinaria Brno, 1, 2008, 77, 31-38. IF: 0,491
  • ŠTARHA, P. – TRÁVNÍČEK, Z. – HERCHEL, R. – POPA, I. – SUCHÝ, P. – VANČO, J.: Dinuclear copper(II) complexes containing 6-(benzylamino)purines as bridging ligands: Synthesis, charakterization, and in vitro and in vivo antioxidant activities. J Inorg Biochem, 103, 2009, 432-440. IF: 3,663
  • Kollar, P. - Zavalova, V. - Hosek, J. - Havelka, P. - Sopuch, T. - Karpisek, M. - Tretinova, D. - Suchy, P.: Cytotoxicity and effects on inflammatory response of modified types of cellulose in macrophage-like THP-1 cells INTERNATIONAL IMMUNOPHARMACOLOGY, 11 (8), 2011: 997-1001. IF: 2,325
  • Travnicek, Z. - Matikova-Malarova, M. - Novotna, R. - Vanco, J. - Stepankova, K. - Suchy, P.: In vitro and in vivo biological activity screening of Ru(III) complexes involving 6-benzylaminopurine derivatives with higher pro-apoptotic activity than NAMI-A. JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY,  105 (7), 2011: 937-948. IF: 3,317

HAVELKA, P. - SOPUCH, T. - HNATOWICZ, V. - SUCHÝ, P. - MASTEIKOVÁ, R. - BAJEROVÁ, M. - GAJDZIOK, J. - MILICHOVSKÝ, M. - ŠVORČÍK, V.: Chemistry, technology and applications of oxidized celluloses. In. Cellulose: Structure and Properties, Derivatives and Industrial Uses, Eds.: A. Lejeune, T. Deprez, New York, Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, 2010, pp. 528